Supported Wage System (SWS)

The SWS is set up for employees with disability who are not able to perform jobs at the same capacity as any other employee. Under SWS, special workplace arrangements are created so that employers can pay wages to a person with disability based on how productive they are in their job.

If you make an application for SWS, your employee with disability will need to have a SWS assessment from a qualified assessor.

The assessment will be done with the employer, employee with disability and the Employment Services provider (if relevant) and nominee (if the employee has one) at a time that suits everyone, and happen on an employee’s regular work day when they are doing their usual job.

The assessor will look at information such as the employee’s job description, time spent on each duty, hours and days worked, break times and the level of supervision required.

The assessor will also make sure that any modifications that the employee needs to do their job are in place.

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