Gino Ascenzo Bahamonde

Behaviour Support Practitioner

Gino is a Behaviour Support Practitioner at Key and has brough with him a wealth of experience since working in the disability space since 2013.

With a background in Psychology, specialising in CBT, Positive Psychology and Humanistic approaches to therapy, Gino holds a deep conviction that diagnoses should not be viewed as rigid labels but rather as tools to better understand and cater to the needs of his clients.

Gino enjoys connecting with the community through the local community garden and runs a free meditation group on Saturdays where he fosters a supportive environment for like-minded individuals to come together and build inner peace and resilience.

Gino is passionate about all things that create joy and wellbeing; as well as managing his own practice, he spends time with family in nature, in the ocean and enjoys playing football.

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