Disability employment support.

Key has been providing Disability Employment Support since we first opened our doors in 1991. Our services, programs, and initiatives designed to assist individuals with disabilities in finding and maintaining meaningful employment. The aim of disability employment support is to create a more inclusive workforce, where people with disabilities have equal opportunities to participate and contribute to the labour market.

These support services recognise that individuals with disabilities may face unique challenges and barriers in securing employment, and they provide tailored assistance to overcome these obstacles.

Over the years we have helped thousands of people in many ways:

Job Placement and Matching: Disability employment service providers work with jobseekers with disabilities to identify their skills, interests, and capabilities. They then match these individuals with suitable employment opportunities in line with their preferences and abilities.

Skill Development and Training: To enhance employability, disability employment support offers various skill development and training programs. These may include job readiness training, vocational skills training, and workshops to improve communication and workplace etiquette.

Workplace Modifications and Assistive Technology: In many cases, workplace modifications or assistive technology may be necessary to accommodate the specific needs of a person with a disability. Employment support services assist both the employee and the employer in identifying and implementing these accommodations.

Ongoing Support and Job Retention: Disability employment support doesn’t end with job placement. Ongoing support is often provided to both the employee and the employer to ensure successful job retention. This support can involve regular check-ins, mentoring, and assistance in addressing any work-related challenges that may arise.

Supported Employment: Some individuals with disabilities may require more intensive support to enter or maintain employment. Supported employment programs offer a higher level of assistance, including on-the-job training and ongoing support from job coaches.

Advocacy and Awareness: Disability employment support services may also advocate for the rights of people with disabilities in the workplace and raise awareness among employers about the benefits of hiring individuals with diverse abilities.

Collaboration with Employers: Disability employment service providers often collaborate with employers to promote inclusive hiring practices. This may involve educating employers about diversity and inclusion, debunking myths about hiring people with disabilities, and highlighting the advantages of a diverse workforce.

Government Initiatives: Many countries have government-funded disability employment support programs as part of their broader disability support and inclusion strategies. These initiatives provide funding and resources to organisations that offer employment services to people with disabilities.

Overall, disability employment support plays a vital role in breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for individuals with disabilities to participate fully in the workforce, contributing their skills and talents to society while enjoying the benefits of meaningful employment.

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