Rose is one of our valued team and we congratulate her for this well-deserved recognition!
Rose Rench stands out for her remarkable resilience, strength, and commitment despite personal challenges.
As the President and Women’s Captain of the Yowies soccer club, Rose’s leadership has significantly contributed to the positive sports culture in Willawarrin and the Kempsey Shire Council community.
Rose’s dedication to the Yowies extends beyond the field, with initiatives such as increasing junior registrations and providing over 500 free meals to young players after training, demonstrating a strong commitment to community well-being. Under her leadership, the women’s team’s success in reaching consecutive finals contributes to a positive image of our community and promotes inclusivity, especially for Indigenous women.
In her role as a support worker, Rose showcases her commitment to community service and making a positive impact on individuals facing challenges. Her involvement in rebuilding junior football in the Upper Macleay has provided young individuals with opportunities for sports engagement, skill development, and community spirit.
Despite the tragic loss of her partner in 2022, Rose’s resilience and determination are evident as she continues to fulfill her roles as a mother, support worker, and club president. Her hands-on approach, dedicating her Fridays to stocking the soccer club’s canteen, further emphasises her commitment to the club’s success and the well-being of its members.
Rose’s multi-dimensional contributions, both professionally in disability work and within the soccer club, showcase her well-rounded commitment to making a positive impact in various spheres of life. Her ability to bring families together for football has created a positive well-being and community support system in the Upper Macleay, reducing feelings of isolation and fostering a sense of belonging.
Rose Rench’s story is one of resilience, leadership, and compassion. Her ability to inspire others, especially young girls and women, further adds to the significance of her contributions in breaking gender stereotypes in sports leadership and encouraging pursuit of passion and leadership roles.
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