Luke’s role as a groundskeeper at the racing club has been nothing short of inspirational. His attention to detail and unwavering focus have made him an integral part of the team. Whether it’s maintaining the lush greenery, ensuring the upkeep of the facility, or providing essential support for various events, Luke’s dedication and hard work have left a lasting impression on everyone at the club.

The Coffs Harbour Racing Club has embraced Luke’s presence wholeheartedly, recognizing the unique perspective and contributions he brings to the team. Through their open-minded approach and commitment to inclusivity, they have not only benefited from Luke’s valuable input but have also set a remarkable example for other organizations in the community.

Moreover, Luke’s story serves as a testament to the fact that individuals with autism and other disabilities can thrive in the workplace when given the right support and opportunities. By creating a space that celebrates diversity, the Coffs Harbour Racing Club and Key Community Group have set a positive precedent for building inclusive work environments.

Luke’s journey at the Coffs Harbour Racing Club is a reminder of the transformative power of inclusivity and the positive impact it can have on individuals, organizations, and the community at large.

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